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It would appear that this is impossible to answer. How can anyone know? Yes, it is difficult, but you got to realize something and the psychologist in me is realizing just what needs to be appreciated: the transition to Phase 3 of human history is under way, no question about it, but we are certainly in the early part of this transition.

No one is yet talking about the end of the world [oh excepting the really religious people, and they are few]. In 15 years, or whenever it happens to be, there will be widespread agreement or a conviction held by many many people, the vast majority of the human population, that the world is coming to an end, that we are all going to die.

You know what? I am certain this will be the signal, the powerful signal, that Phase 3 of human history is about to get under way. What do you do then? Sell your gold, silver, diamonds and "hard assets" or tangible assets -- and buy stocks. They will be very very cheap at that time.... continue

What is never examined and discussed in news publications of the affluent West? What subjects are never broached?

The answer is uncomfortable, as most people recognize. The western media distort the realities of the world, the intricacies of world affairs, and present an image of events which is palatable and acceptable, and which conforms to their image of the world.Their beliefs and perspectives must be defended, and it is precisely this act of self-defense, which is no doubt an agonizing and desperate one, that undermines education and creates distortion....continue

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