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It appears that it is not possible to expect the current political alignments in the United States to continue. Why is this? It is mainly because there has not been economic growth for the past 16 years or so. And if we have had some growth, it is really quite small. The "electorate" is getting more and more anxious and restless, that's for sure.

So what I expect is that four new parties will emerge: a far right wing party, which is going to make as its main platform the attack on the wealthy and powerful elite; a moderate right wing party, which will be akin to an amalgamation of both the current Democratic and Republican parties; an "independent" party, which will be mostly consisting of people following a "Libertarian" political philosophy; and a left wing party, which might even espouse some form of communism.

I do not know how long it will take for these four parties to take shape and for the current system to break apart, but it is possible that it will be not only rapid but violent. We will have to see.... continue

What is never examined and discussed in news publications of the affluent West? What subjects are never broached?

The answer is uncomfortable, as most people recognize. The western media distort the realities of the world, the intricacies of world affairs, and present an image of events which is palatable and acceptable, and which conforms to their image of the world.Their beliefs and perspectives must be defended, and it is precisely this act of self-defense, which is no doubt an agonizing and desperate one, that undermines education and creates distortion....continue

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