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It is possible that perhaps the main motive for the war in Afghanistan -- and the war on "terror" -- was to gain permanent control of the opium production there and to smuggle/traffic opium into Latin America where it could be then processed and moved over the border from Mexico into the United States. It is also going into Russia, via Central Asia obviously.

The main organizers/financiers of this trafficking? The powerful establishment figures and elite, the Zionist elite, in the United States and of course in Israel. Much of this is done through their control/ownership of the four major American banks. The USA now has some 1,000,000 heroin addicts. In 1999 there were apparently less than 300,000. The traffickers are the so-called free market "capitalists" and their naive stooges. Their victims? United States/Russia, the two enemies of (Zionist) Jews.

It would appear that Israel is playing a large role in this. Their two main targets -- the United States and Russia -- just may be destroyed by heroin. American addicts (now largely the white population) are getting a taste of opioids by first getting introduced to them via prescriptions, prescription "medicine", legal opioids -- prescribed by a medical profession largely under the control of this American elite. Incidentally, I am coming to realize this is the main reason the Zionists (Jews) are strongly in favor of open borders, particularly the Mexican-American border, and any effort to close this border or any border would dramatically raise the cost of their smuggling operations.

Build a wall at the American/Mexico border? No way! Only in Israel do we see large walls, only in Israel do we see racial "Apartheid" and only in Israel do we see hyper-racism. A large Israeli-type Wall would not necessarily fully stop the trafficking of heroin, but it would substantially raise the cost and difficulty and thereby dramatically reduce the profits. It is not the illegal Mexican immigrants the American elite want and need, though they are welcome, it is the heroin trafficking. I am trying to come to an estimate of what the daily profits are. Whatever they are, they are very large and they are undoubtedly adding to the rapidly increasing wealth inequality in the United States.... continue

What is never examined and discussed in news publications of the affluent West? What subjects are never broached?

The answer is uncomfortable, as most people recognize. The western media distort the realities of the world, the intricacies of world affairs, and present an image of events which is palatable and acceptable, and which conforms to their image of the world.Their beliefs and perspectives must be defended, and it is precisely this act of self-defense, which is no doubt an agonizing and desperate one, that undermines education and creates distortion....continue

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