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OK Wes, here's some very initial impressions of what you sent me....

From; To; J. Wesson Ashford [MD PhD]; Date Today May 1, 2016

the facts, which you are obviously well aware of LOL (just putting them here for the record):

"According to the Alzheimer's Association 2013 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures report released today, one in three seniors dies with Alzheimer's or another dementia in the United States. The new report shows that while deaths from other major diseases, such as heart disease, HIV/AIDS and stroke, continue to experience significant declines, Alzheimer's deaths continue to rise — increasing 68 percent from 2000-2010."

my definition of dementia/AD: brain death; it is NOT a "disease" or "disorder"

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I am confident that memory dysfunction plays some role in signaling brain death, but I am not convinced memory dysfunction is critical to this problem, it is likely incidental; cognition cannot take place without memory, obviously; but I do suspect that brain death can be traced to very early "mishaps" and "maldevelopment" of the brain's development (build out) in the first 7 or so years of life, perhaps even during fetal development; this is NOT necessarily genetic in nature, it is not predestined by the genes; memory limitations appear as we age, a child remembers much about his/her past, but by the teen years many of these memories are lost; this is probably caused by the space/functional limitation of the human brain; brain size is our limitation, along with protein and oxygen; limit protein and oxygen and you will have underperformance

Pharmacological intervention is a waste of time and money and probably even destructive to the brain's attempt to initiate recovery; what is going on now with regards to dementia and AD is mostly quackery and nonsense

[Peter J.] Whitehouse [MD PhD] is clearly misguided in his approach to the issue, and this becomes clear when he deviates from "scientific reasoning" and enters the realm of belief and "religious" ideas (eg "climate change")

Wes, I would NOT be opposed to going in the directions you are going with regards to dementia/AD (brain death), that is, to memory dysfunction etc: I am just not convinced that this will get you anywhere, though it might lead us to some insights and key discoveries (but I doubt it)

Medical "scientists" and "practitioners" today in the Western world (and the Western world way of doing things now dominates) are neither professional nor competent; most of the "knowledge" they have for the basis of their work is either flawed or completely misguided -- worthless garbage; they are in it for the money and prestige and power, that's about it; hey I am not saying the whole of them, but many many; they are quacks

"our contention is that Alzheimer’s is more of a disease of minds than a disease of brains": this argument by Whitehouse is certainly incorrect; when he starts off like this you know there is a serious problem with these "professionals"; this is bullshit, garbage; these people have very little knowledge of anything, frankly

I am going to put forward the thesis that the consumption of alcohol and "prescription drugs and medications" as well as other drugs, illicit etc are a major driver of "brain death" (but I would not include THC in this list; I think THC is very likely to have the effect of encouraging the brain to take the initiative to restore itself)

OK Wes, perhaps I will think of some more to raise with you here, but this seems to be somewhat comprehensive so I will get this off to you; allow me to add something if it occurs to me later on; it goes without saying that I come to you with nothing but the best of intentions, that is, let's get some understanding of this phenomenon called the human brain

The above is some of my correspondence with Wes Ashford [MD, PhD].... continue

What is never examined and discussed in news publications of the affluent West? What subjects are never broached?

The answer is uncomfortable, as most people recognize. The western media distort the realities of the world, the intricacies of world affairs, and present an image of events which is palatable and acceptable, and which conforms to their image of the world.Their beliefs and perspectives must be defended, and it is precisely this act of self-defense, which is no doubt an agonizing and desperate one, that undermines education and creates distortion....continue

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