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Talked today to my friend Mr Victor Ostroksky he indicated he will do interviews so we will undoubtedly discuss the world the history of the world and the future of the world

"Development dictatorships" are inevitable in much of the world a Central Asian ambassador will talk to me in May 2022 an interview will be interesting

So what does this mean 86 countries in 24 hrs it means that I am far more influential than the imbeciles and fools now claiming to be leaders of the world

On April 11 in 24 hour period there were 86 countries looking at and some 380 "users" this does not really surprise me these were heads of state mostly

The Czech ambassador in Washington admitted to me a new world is now taking shape we just do know what it will be well I have some idea what it will be

WAM media:

WAM media started with 1 web site but 20 years later I have broadened its power to include 4 more web sites

WAM media [World Affairs Monthly] got started in 2002 and in Jan 2003 I presented audio and video files years before the incompetent Ashkenazi media in the United States

Development dictatorship in Pakistan, Myanmar and maybe even in India yes this is all being organized and it is amazing that I am the architect of it

Mr Biden wants to push for war crimes trial implying that the United Nations has "jurisdiction" over Russia and Mr Vladimir Putin this is sort of delusional and silly

The destruction of Ukraine appears to be taking place now at a pretty steady pace and I expect the Russian military incursion to be pretty much indefinite

Very impressive and indeed stunning that Industrialist Mr Elon Musk has bought some 10% of Twitter he mentions the 1st Amendment so clearly he does not approve of Ashkenazi Jewish censorship

Generals in Myanmar are determined to create a development dictatorship, which is based on my theories and models

The Pakistani govt is talking about moving to a development dictatorship, so I am now running Pakistan

The Russians are using military force to get back control of Ukraine so they can prepare a larger military incursion into Turkey and then go further south to Arabian oil

There is no question the world is undergoing big change, my theories are the source of this change

It seems that my friend Ari Ben-Menashe has changed his mind, he will talk to me, I will call him soon

The fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time, the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous and the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech

The question is, will I have sufficient influence at the Dept of Justice in Washington to rectify this problem

1945-2022: The World War II / Cold War Structure of International Relations Ends (Part Three)

Apr 21, 2022

We are in a new world, and what is this world? It is the information world, it is a world in which the supreme power is information. Information might also be called knowledge but this is not really accurate because knowledge surpasses information, knowledge is even more powerful than information, much more powerful.

I should explain that I saw this world coming when I was a young man, in the mid-1980s. Maybe I saw it coming even earlier, I am not sure I recall exactly. This new world will destroy, pretty much totally destroy, the world we now have and the world we uphold as useful, impressive, and even indestructible. It took several thousand years to build up this world, and it became very solid and strong with the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. 

There have been numerous attempts to destroy this world. Jewish communism probably represented the first such serious effort to destroy what Western society has built. Chiefly responsible for this effort were the criminal Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Advancement to higher and higher expressions of human society is inevitable and a very powerful force. It cannot be stopped but this does not mean Ashkenazi Jews are deterred. They are not. Ms Rosa Luxemburg was one such Ashkenazi Jew, from Russia. She could not be deterred. Not surprisingly the Germans in Berlin killed her in 1919. Lenin and Trotsky, leaders of the Soviet Union, praised her and her efforts. Germans from Bavaria, the middle classes, responded to the challenge and determined that they would go to war.

It is not possible to avoid the second escalation of this challenge. Russians were foolish to adopt the Jewish communist faith. It went from 1917 until 1991. The Russian government today is however no longer a representation of communism. It is moving towards "development dictatorship" as I have stated earlier. Lunacy has been rejected, now we are moving to accept responsiblity for ourselves.