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Seems I have been right I am now basically running the entire US government OK yes I do not yet have the power to exert my will over the bureaucracy but it is coming

Sometimes I get the impression it is happening at a fast pace sometimes it seems to slow down but there is little doubt that I am now running the entire world

I had months ago felt that I had pretty much put an end to the Jew Ukraine War and I am confident I have but it is still grinding on but I am certain it is finished

The ambassador of the European Union to the United States has yet to agree to talk to me but I am confident that he will

I still do not know the truth about what happened to my son on May 2 2023 in Bodega Harbour will try to learn at some point what happened

The world is now guided only by information and knowledge and we can expect huge upheaval and also the removal or destruction of incompetent rulers and bureaucrats

I will establish the most powerful entente in the history of the world and put an end to the World War II / Cold War world this means USA + Russia + China

Published an awesome interview with my friend Mr Mark Mobius [Mobius Capital Partners] we analyze inflation, define it, make predictions, what will happen in world we both agree future is awesome

I had predicted that I would get rid of Ms Sanna Marin prime minister of Finland and indeed that is what happened she is gone

Mr Vladimir Putin was probably very skeptical I could do anything to influence events in Europe and the United States but now he is realizing that I do have this kind of power

It was clear to me many months ago that the only way to end the Jew Ukraine War was to dissolve NATO and certainly this is what I will do

There is no threat of escalation in Ukraine and there is no threat of nuclear war or a confrontation between the United States and Russia

The finest interview I have done in a long while is the one I did with my friend Mr Frank Wisner he is a very astute diplomat and I am very fortunate to have him as a friend

I was not surprised at all that the Chinese managed to persuade the Saudi government and the Iranian government to restore relations and work closely together

Many of you may not realize I predicted in 1999 that the Sunni Muslim world would join together with the Shia Muslim world and that is what is now happening

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

I have recently advocated establishing diplomatic relations with the Taliban the war in Afghanistan was the most retarded policy the USA has advocated since World War II

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

I am now going to spend most of my time writing articles for my 5 web sites also changing or updating the scrolling texts on the 5 web sites

I Kind of Like Being Censored on Twitter

Aug 13, 2022

I have some good memories of the day. It was 4 July 2019. I had decided several weeks prior that I would open a Twitter account, in fact 5 accounts, each corresponding to my 5 web sites. What is shocking is what happened that afternoon. It is often the case that my wife Catherine, born in Paris [France], would take a walk along the 2 roads here in Bodega Harbour that look right over the Pacific Ocean. As we are not filthy rich, we own a house further away from the ocean. We are pretty close to the ocean but we only have a panoramic ocean view from upstairs. I should be filthy rich, as I am very influential and indeed “powerful” but the Ashkenazi Jews who have established an authoritarian rule here in the United States do not allow me to do much of anything but sit in my home office and send out anodyne tweets about international affairs.

Anyway my wife would normally take that walk. On the weekends. Glad she did not because some weirdo/criminal from West Africa, who speaks French, decided to hijack the security guard's little truck and then go run over some women walking on the road right where my wife will sometimes walk. He severely injured several women. They were walking. He was said to have ingested LSD but I know that LSD does not at all cause violent behavior. In fact, quite the opposite. Indeed it would be very difficult to drive a vehicle when on LSD. So I do not think the African man, who actually knew a woman who is a friend of my wife, had taken LSD. The African, an American citizen, had showed up with friends at some house they were all renting here. The Sonoma County Sheriff deputy Jason Pasero blew him away even though it was clear he was not armed [he survived but wow did they clearly did intend to kill him].

You can look it up on the net, the African's name is Betai Koffi. I obviously will be considered paranoid if I speculate this might have been a planned “hit” on my wife – but I think it is possible. No motive was ever established. Pretty bizarre. Most people who own a home here in Bodega Harbour were totally freaked out by this violence. Nothing ever happens here.

Catherine did not walk that day otherwise she might be dead. Meanwhile I was here at my “home office” opening the Twitter accounts. I did one after another, total of 5. I sent off several tweets for each and was astonished when I looked at the Real Time Analytics for the tweets. By the way, for some bizarre reason, Twitter has several months ago removed that function. Yeah it was really cool, you could watch the hit counter go. I watched that afternoon the hit counter in real time. It was skyrocketing. Sometimes even getting up to 100 in 5 minutes. Did the internet suddenly know I was on Twitter for the first time? I mean it was freaky. In the first 6 months it was like this, now it has calmed down.

Right away Twitter accused 2 of my web sites of having malware. So they would put a warning before you get to the site. “Hey this site has malware, beware of going there”. This was for and My other 3 sites were not tagged with this bullshit. I asked my crack IT professionals in Rawalpindi [Pakistan] if there was any chance the 2 sites had malware. No way, they said. Anyway, it would have affected all 5 if it have been the case. I threated to sue Twitter, and after about 6 months they removed it. Pretty bizarre.

Twitter also started messing with my Analytics. Instead of the count going up it would go down. Or it would not count at all. I would send an email to their press email [] and complain and they would work to restore it. So they did fix it. Now I never have this problem. Twitter is behaving itself.

Twitter however does censor me. I cannot say that Ashkenazi Jews do all the bizarre shit they do. In the first year they shut down my accounts regularly because I said the truth about Jews. They always backed off and reinstated my accounts, however. I would threaten to sue them, pro per.

But I am not really getting very truthful on Twitter, I merely use Twitter to do my “advertising” and to communicate with heads of state around the world. Heck I do not need to talk to them, I just put this information on Twitter. So Twitter could be pretty cool if they allowed free speech as the US Constitution states it should, in the 1st Amendment. The criminal Ashkenazi Jews who rule the United States however do not want this free speech. They only allow “Jew speech” or what The New York Times calls “the news that's fit to print.” OK I have gone on long enough, I will end it here even though there is considerable more detail to add, interesting detail. You got to go to to get uncensored information. Actually I now regularly use to get information about what is going on in the world. That is my main source of news. The Jewish-controlled American media is nothing but garbage and propaganda.

I have the impression that I have been influential at Twitter. They do not mess with me anymore, and I tend to think they have come around to seeing that I am right about most things. They should never have shut down Donald Trump but there is definitely a criminal element that runs Twitter. I have published below some samples of my tweets – recent ones. I have also published below, at the bottom, a news article [6 July 2019] from the local newspaper The Press Democrat about the "incident" or rather the violence perpetrated by Betai Koffi.

Yeah it is cute to be censored by Ashkenazi Jews, from the Pale of Settlement. These people are really a menace. They are vile criminals, liars, bullshit artists. Yet I am amused – you just go to my 5 web sites. There what you see [and hear] and read is what I really think. I am still working on getting most of my important “content” up there on the 5 web sites, it will take me another 6 months or so. I have been in transition from my old fake self to my new real self. It's fun but it is a pain in the ass. Henry Kissinger does not respond to calls or letters anymore. He is too scared to talk to me, or do an interview. I am going to say he is pretty much a lightweight. My friend Richard Nixon [1913-1994] might have agreed with me. Yeah I kind of like being censored. It's cute. Here in the United States of America.