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I am now using @_brainscience at putting most of my spontaneous commentary there but I will begin using these scrolling texts more and more

In the past several months it is becoming increasingly obvious that I am running the entire world I have put an end to the Ashkenazi Jewish Ukraine War

On May 10 WAM in the 24 hr period had 102 countries visiting the web site according to Google Analytics so the information war is now very intense

I have been working on persuading the ambassador of the European Union to the United States to do an interview we will see if I do talk to him

The Czech ambassador Miloslav Stašek in Washington apparently has agreed to talk to me so there will soon be another interview with the Czech govt published here

WAM media:

WAM media started with 1 web site but 20 years later I have broadened its power to include 4 more web sites

WAM media [World Affairs Monthly] got started in 2002 and in Jan 2003 I presented audio and video files years before the incompetent Ashkenazi media in the United States

It is always difficult to say what is going on in the world but this is my job and this is something we all must consider and understand and analyze

Vladimir Putin and his advisors shrewdly calculated Russia's income from its vast reserves of crude oil & other valuable natural resources would be the critical support for military incursions

The destruction of Ukraine appears to be taking place now at a pretty steady pace and I expect the Russian military incursion to be pretty much indefinite

There is the question of escalation in Ukraine as the Russians will likely not tolerate much intervention there or efforts to stop them from reacquiring Ukraine

It appears the Pakistani state is going to find it difficult if not impossible to service its external debt I will have to look into this and get the facts but this appears to be the case

Imran Khan the Pakistani cricket player who was months ago removed as prime minister of Pakistan did preside over the rapid accumulation of debt this is why he was removed

[I no longer think this will happen] the Russians are likely using military force to get back control of Ukraine so they can prepare a military incursion into Turkey then go further south to Arabia

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

I have keen interest in interviewing the Taliban leaders but of course they do not speak fluent English so perhaps I will focus on their spokesman Mr Suhail Shaheen

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

It is shocking I know but it is likely that the war in Ukraine will escalate and there will be monstrous destruction of much of Ukraine and nothing can really be done to avoid this

Reversal of America's 20th Century "War Intervention" Strategy

Jan 16, 2023

The moment I learned that Russian armed forces had entered Ukraine [24 February 2022] I said to myself, “holy shit the war for the oil fields of the Persian Gulf is getting under way....”

Certainly there was no mention of this in the media or on the net, I was the only one. It is certainly possible or even likely that Pentagon “strategists” were also amazed and thinking like me. I “tweeted” about it and you'll see that published below. Yet I will argue that most of America was oblivious – and remains almost totally oblivious.

We are – we were – at a very dangerous crossroads and my friend Mr Andrew F Krepinevich PhD agrees with me. Maybe he and I are alone. Obliviousness is unfortunately a very powerful institution. This is a complicated argument that I am making so bear with me. It is complicated but at the same time I can reduce it to a very simple statement.

The force of the United States of America is not going to decline, it is not going to fall apart and decline. This cannot happen and will not happen. And why? Because the inevitability of historical trends – the invention of the internet, satellites, semiconductors and computers. Because the United States – despite the presence of Ashkenazi Jews who are mostly lunatics and criminals – is facing a world where sophisticated but inexpensive weaponry is spreading fast all over the world. Another world war is unlikely if not impossible. It could be that I changed the course of history when I sent Henry Kissinger PhD an email arguing that his fear of another world war is unwarranted and even silly. You will see published below the email.

The world will develop, further develop – and nothing will stop this not even crazy Ashkenazi Jews. Kissinger is an Ashkenazi Jew of course but he likely agrees with me even though he was undoubtedly shocked when he saw the email. I am certain he was taken aback but he knows a lot about me so maybe there is some resignation that I am likely to be correct. The Chinese government knows I am correct and I am pretty certain the Russian government does as well. So we are good!

What it is I can again explain simply: we are raising logic and reason to a high level. It is the elevation of the human animal to yet another more advanced “situation” which is our history. The Ashkenazi Jews have had their run, from around 1880 until 2022. Mr Vladimir Putin basically put an end to the deranged Jew World when he ordered Russian armed forces into Ukraine.

American strategy in the 20th century was nothing but an extension of Ashkenazi Jewish culture. The Pale of Settlement had effectively moved from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere. The remaining Jews in Russia however did not really just sit around and push their normal garbage. They organized a coup d'etat in Moscow, the Bolshevik Revolution, and then tried to kill as many Slavs as possible. Alexander Solzhenitsyn argued that they managed to kill as many 60 million! No, the Jews were not fooling around. So the American Jew strategy was what I will call the “war intervention” strategy.

This was the 20th century. Launching a large war against Nazi Germany even when America should have been obsessed with the growing menace and danger of the Soviet Union -- a global communist insurgency. The Cold War. What a waste of time -- and huge wealth. Defeating the aggressive Japanese also became part of the "war intervention" strategy. OK some of this war intervention made sense but not all of it. Yet it now seems to have been an inevitability. The United States of America really should have been allied with Nazi Germany but this was impossible because the Pale of Settlement Ashkenazi Jews -- about 2.5 million -- had migrated [1880-1920] to the Western Hemisphere, to North America. 

It occurred to me several weeks ago that it is virtually impossible for this “war intervention” strategy to continue into the 21st century. For the reasons I have stated above. The reasons are also presented to Henry Kissinger in an email to him. The Jews have turned America into a Third World multi-racial dysfunctional bankrupt state. And thanks to this the Third World War is virtually impossible! How ironic. How funny is that? A LGBT Third World "multi-racial army" is not going to really be much of anything, in fact it's going to be a joke. You do not want to fight a war when your army is 80% low IQ mestizo or negro. Wars are expensive and require reasonably high IQ well-trained combatants and of course now it is a reality that only wealthy states can wage war. And what about a global war? Global war is ultra expensive, obviously.

So my friend Mr Samuel Pisar is proving to have understood that detente – doing business with everyone even your most feared rivals – is the future. I have explained this in other articles of mine so please refer to these articles if you need some elucidation and background.

A trilateral entente – USA + Russia + China – is going to get established and it will be pretty stable. It has been proposed by me, it will be initiated by me and it will be established by me. Who else is going to do it? This will be a kind of “world government” but it will not have any of the weird and undesirable attributes that right-wing thinkers have always denounced and feared. I think it will be fine. The 1st Amendment will be the organizing principle around which the world rallies. This will be in spite of Ashkenazi Jewish designs to suppress free speech.

We will avoid the inevitable global conflict for the immense hydrocarbon natural wealth of the Persian Gulf. And that would inevitably be a devastating and hugely destructive world war, the Third World War. We will avert the inevitable racial conflict between the high level and capable and indeed powerful European human mammals and the lower level and largely incompetent dark-skinned human mammals. That this global conflict would likely end in the annihilation of the much less capable human mammals is pretty obvious – this is what history tells us.

The world's human mammals will not really live together or mix together but they will establish some kind of modus vivendi. The hordes of unskilled and unintelligent mestizos in America will have to return to where they were born as will the Arabs and Africans in Europe. I am doubting there will be any kind of destabilizing racial wars.

The United States of America will be moving the world into the final stage of global development. Migration of millions of dark-skinned human mammals into the wealthy nations of the United States and Europe will be brought to an end and indeed the migration will be reversed – they will be mostly deported. Why? Because America will build up their crappy and undeveloped homelands and so there will be opportunities for them to get decent employment and income.

The United States of America will absorb Canada and Mexico and Central America. These nations will cease to have independence and this is because they are clearly incompetent and unable to develop themselves. They remain poor [Canada is an exception] because they are mostly incompetent and indeed criminal. Europe will totally unite into a monolithic bloc of dynamic states – governed pretty much by the United States. And Asia? Well that might be a little more unstable and weird but I will argue that over time it will work out just fine. Han Chinese will do a fine job, with the United States government overseeing the operation.

When I was traveling across Asia in the 1990s the Vietnamese government told me that General Võ Nguyên Giáp [1911-2013)] wanted to meet me. It's unfortunate that our schedules were not really compatible and so we did not meet. I blame that on the Ashkenazi Jews, they made it so I did not have sufficient income and resources to do what I needed to do.

So no more big wars. Very likely this will be the situation and that is what I recently argued to my friend Mr Andrew F Krepinevich. He told me over the telephone when we were recently talking before the recorded interview: “Tom we will not have a debate because I agree with you.”

Great news! I have published below the World Affairs Monthly commentary about Krepinevich and his books and thought. When I get around to it I will republish the 3 audio interviews that I did with him in the past 20 years. I do not remember much about them but I am certain they are good. It's great that I have him to discuss the reversal of America's 20th century "war intervention" strategy. I did tell him however that weird things can always happen -- and this is a very real risk -- but I am very confident that we will be OK. This is a new world.