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Seems I have been right I am now basically running the entire US government OK yes I do not yet have the power to exert my will over the bureaucracy but it is coming

Sometimes I get the impression it is happening at a fast pace sometimes it seems to slow down but there is little doubt that I am now running the entire world

I predicted in 1999 that Israel would be destroyed [within 20 years] I will be ensuring the 450 million Arabs also Persians will be integrated into the world economy

The Arab nations will of course join in this battle the final battle this has been prepared for many years the Ashkenazi Jewish presence in the Levant is ending

Some of you know that the founder of Hamas Ahmed Yassin was assassinated by the Israeli government some 20 years ago because I was going to interview him

The world is now guided only by information and knowledge and we can expect huge upheaval and also the removal or destruction of incompetent rulers and bureaucrats

I will establish the most powerful entente in the history of the world and put an end to the World War II / Cold War world this means USA + Russia + China

As I said some of you know that some 20 years ago I interviewed the co-founders of Hamas and the Israeli government assassinated them immediately afterwards this really angered me

I just texted the press attache at the Mission of Iran to the United Nations and told him I will be establishing full and normal diplomatic relations with the Republic of Iran

I have no easy way to contact the leaders of Hamas but I will do it through the government of Qatar and I will direct the US government to establish diplomatic relations with Hamas

I just got off the telephone with the Russian government I am going to talk to Mr Vladimir Putin I said Mr Putin and I will explain to the world what is happening we will be totally honest

100+ years of Zionism is ending, US government will impose permanent cease fire, begin conflict resolution discussions Israeli leaders will be arrested and sent to the ICC in the Hague Netherlands

The structure of international relations that got established with the conclusion of WW2 is now ending NATO is finished it will collapse Israel will be destroyed also American government will collapse

In a few months the world will realize Israel will be destroyed then the collapse of America will be next much of Israeli population may be killed there may be war in the USA

My information technology team has restored [for me only] the Old WAM [2002-2018] I will now be republishing most if not all the some 400 interviews and thousands of articles in the new WAM

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

Joe Biden met with Xi Jinping for 4 hours in Woodside CA apparently large American corporations were present for presentation of entente proposal between the United States and China initiated by me

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

I am very pleased with the pace of change in the world there will be very rapid economic development in the Middle East the Ashkenazi Jewish insanity is ending America will be free also Arab world

Rome of Phase 1 and America of Phase 2: A Conversation with David M. Abshire [April 2010]

Dec 25, 2023

In some ways it is certainly understandable that there was going to be a problem. I was about 31 years old, I was in Washington DC with my wife, she was studying at George Washington University. There was supposed to be a place for me in “government” and I was figuring that the place would be a so-called policy-making position or platform. I was told by someone – I do not recall who it was, but it was someone reasonably “important” – to go over to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and propose they hire me. This was a Republican Party center of policy-making power, perhaps the institution with the most power in Washington.

I kind of figured this would be stupid but I went over there anyway. And I was right, they just blew me off, right away. “We do not have any positions open.” I replied sort of in a fake meek way, “OK thanks.” David Abshire was heading up CSIS at the time. Abshire co-founded CSIS in 1962.

I have tried to explain this already in the WAM media but I will try to do so again. Policy-making in a republic is a really freaky thing, obviously. I had no formal role in any Washington DC institution and yet I had considerable policy-making clout. And just how did I manage this? I will again argue that it is difficult to explain. You have quite a few prominent men in Washington and they are all competing for policy-making clout, for a role in the decision-making process. I was catapulting to the very top very fast, and of course what happened is that many of these men – most of whom are pretty pompous – got all agitated and indeed outraged that I had upstaged them.

The fundamental issue is perhaps easy to explain but the problem is that most people will find it difficult to accept. Many of these men are fake, they do not know much, they are good at bureaucratic battle, they love kissing ass, they are just empty suits with impressive bullshitting skills. This is Washington DC, this is a republic with millions of Ashkenazi Jews with power and money.

“Christian” Europeans are not genuinely like this, in my opinion. European culture is impressive, it is resting on a foundation of refinement and civility and honesty, some impressive degree of honesty. With the presence of Ashkenazi Jews you basically get a mafia-like operation. Yes, Europe has had its policy-making making failures in the past 200 years but we usually always move decisively to correct ourselves.

The Jews have totally destroyed this, they have turned the United States of America into a mobster state. I always tended to be keenly aware of this, and I resented it. The Zionism garbage is just so outrageous, it is incredible. It is certainly the case that the British and Europeans in general made it possible for the Ashkenazi Jews to displace the Palestinians. They had several reasons for doing this, the most prominent one being removing Jews from Europe – getting rid of their troublesome presence in Europe. This was the basic idea, I believe. Adolf Hitler certainly thought this was a good idea, there was widespread support for it.

But this is all history. There is every reason to think that most young Israelis [the vast majority], say under 30 years old, would find this history reprehensible. Their parents and grand-parents acted like idiots and criminals but this does not mean they will carry on this unfortunate Ashkenazi Jewish tradition. I am convinced that most young Israelis will almost totally agree with me, with everything I argue. They know Zionism is abhorrent, they want an escape, they just have no ability to make this escape happen.

Hamas, or the Islamic Resistance Movement, is putting an end to the Zionism garbage. Israel is history. You do not believe me? Well, you will come to realize that I have an excellent track record of understanding these kinds of things. I saw this coming at least 30 years ago.

Israel will be obliterated, and it is a very strong possibility that the United States of America will also go with Israel – into the dustbin of history. The Jew-controlled United States of America is finished. A new America may evolve out of this current nonsense, to be sure. In fact, I am certain this is a real possibility. Indeed, in some respects a new America must evolve, this is what nature will compel. I will republish the audio recording of the David Abshire interview as soon as possible.

Back in 2010 I had so much power and influence that Abshire spent the first 5 minutes of the interview apologizing for not hiring me in 1990 or so. He made me feel a little embarrassed, he was going on and on about how he regretted that it happened, that I was turned away. Abshire was a serious man, and so we had that in common. I counted him as a friend, it is unfortunate he died 4 years after this interview.

Washington DC is pretty much a joke, there are mostly bullshit artists in the higher levels of the bureaucracy. Very few of the famous men and women that you hear about in the media all the time have any serious amount of clout and influence and power. The Jews just have them as public faces, they are really just zeros. Then there are the men – and it is really only men – who are not discussed, not present, the ones you do not see. They are the ones more likely to have power.

I know, it is funny.