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Seems I have been right I am now basically running the entire US government OK yes I do not yet have the power to exert my will over the bureaucracy but it is coming

Sometimes I get the impression it is happening at a fast pace sometimes it seems to slow down but there is little doubt that I am now running the entire world

I had months ago felt that I had pretty much put an end to the Jew Ukraine War and I am confident I have but it is still grinding on but I am certain it is finished

The ambassador of the European Union to the United States has yet to agree to talk to me but I am confident that he will

An assassin tried to kill my 23 yr old son Christophe Tuesday morning May 2 2023 10:30am here in Bodega Harbour go to my Twitter account @_brainscience for details

The world is now guided only by information and knowledge and we can expect huge upheaval and also the removal or destruction of incompetent rulers and bureaucrats

I will establish the most powerful entente in the history of the world and put an end to the World War II / Cold War world this means USA + Russia + China

In the past months I have been working on getting myself back into the type of schedule I used to keep which is really intense work so I will not be using Twitter so much

I had predicted that I would get rid of Ms Sanna Marin prime minister of Finland and indeed that is what happened she is gone

Mr Vladimir Putin was probably very skeptical I could do anything to influence events in Europe and the United States but now he is realizing that I do have this kind of power

It was clear to me many months ago that the only way to end the Jew Ukraine War was to dissolve NATO and certainly this is what I will do

There is no threat of escalation in Ukraine and there is no threat of nuclear war or a confrontation between the United States and Russia

The finest interview I have done in a long while is the one I did with my friend Mr Frank Wisner he is a very astute diplomat and I am very fortunate to have him as a friend

I was not surprised at all that the Chinese managed to persuade the Saudi government and the Iranian government to restore relations and work closely together

Many of you may not realize I predicted in 1999 that the Sunni Muslim world would join together with the Shia Muslim world and that is what is now happening

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

I have recently advocated establishing diplomatic relations with the Taliban the war in Afghanistan was the most retarded policy the USA has advocated since World War II

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

I am now going to spend most of my time writing articles for my 5 web sites also changing or updating the scrolling texts on the 5 web sites

Seems to be Confirmed: Mr Vladimir Putin is Moving Russia to "Development Dictatorship"

Jun 17, 2022

This morning in St Petersburg the Russian head of state Mr Vladimir Putin gave a speech. The venue was the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. I was not terribly surprised by his main message – the Russians were basically going to work on their development, their economic development. I had argued here that this decision was taken in March/February 2021, some 12 months before moving Russian armed forces into Ukraine. Mr Putin has realized -- and had realized then -- that my argument is correct, and that there is no going back. I have published below the summary of his remarks, from the Telegram channel “Intel Slava Z”. I estimate it to be a pretty accurate summary. Was Mr Putin gambling when he ordered the military incursion into Ukraine? It may seem so but I do not think so. Putin likely understood I was correct, that the Russians would be strengthened to a large degree by the so-called “special military operation.”

I do not recall exactly when but it was probably 2012 or so that I speculated in World Affairs Monthly that Vladimir Putin just might move Russia to development dictatorship. I will look it up and republish it here at The Chinese head of state is on board with this decision, also the Kazakh head of state. Apparently this is true. I also understand the Taliban leaders are on board. “Democracy” and voting – where everyone votes, where everyone is enfranchised – is just not very effective anymore at promoting economic development and indeed it is quite destructive. There are simply far too many incompetent and uninformed voters, hysterical and emotional voters. I began to appreciate this reality in the mid-1990s. I communicated this knowledge to the Chinese government, also to Mr Putin and the Russian government. I have the internet, right? Yes I do but it is clear that the Ashkenazi Jews who totally rule over the United States do not really want me to have the internet.

So this is very exciting. The Russian ruble is now at 55 to the US dollar. I have predicted – about 6 weeks ago – that the Russian ruble would go to about 40 and stabilize there for about 10 years or so. Then it would strengthen considerably. We will see if I am right. I just got off the telephone with my friend Mr Victor Ostrovsky, former Israeli intelligence “case officer” and author of the book By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer. I explained to him what I have explained in this article. It is the end of the Jew World – the 20th century Jew World. Ashkenazi Jews escaped from the Pale of Settlement, several million of them, emigrating to the United States. They got off right there at New York Harbor. Ashkenazi Jews destroyed Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution and communism – almost 75 years of destruction and lunacy. What is going on in the United States is not nearly as destructive but it is getting pretty bad.

Anyway, congratulations Mr Putin. My thesis 30 years ago – that should have been published in the United States – was that the end of the cold war meant the rise of Eurasia and the development of Eurasia, its economic development. Certainly looks like I have been right.