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I am now using @_brainscience at putting most of my spontaneous commentary there but I will begin using these scrolling texts more and more

In the past several months it is becoming increasingly obvious that I am running the entire world I have put an end to the Ashkenazi Jewish Ukraine War

On May 10 WAM in the 24 hr period had 102 countries visiting the web site according to Google Analytics so the information war is now very intense

I have been working on persuading the ambassador of the European Union to the United States to do an interview we will see if I do talk to him

The Czech ambassador Miloslav Stašek in Washington apparently has agreed to talk to me so there will soon be another interview with the Czech govt published here

WAM media:

WAM media started with 1 web site but 20 years later I have broadened its power to include 4 more web sites

WAM media [World Affairs Monthly] got started in 2002 and in Jan 2003 I presented audio and video files years before the incompetent Ashkenazi media in the United States

It is always difficult to say what is going on in the world but this is my job and this is something we all must consider and understand and analyze

Vladimir Putin and his advisors shrewdly calculated Russia's income from its vast reserves of crude oil & other valuable natural resources would be the critical support for military incursions

The destruction of Ukraine appears to be taking place now at a pretty steady pace and I expect the Russian military incursion to be pretty much indefinite

There is the question of escalation in Ukraine as the Russians will likely not tolerate much intervention there or efforts to stop them from reacquiring Ukraine

It appears the Pakistani state is going to find it difficult if not impossible to service its external debt I will have to look into this and get the facts but this appears to be the case

Imran Khan the Pakistani cricket player who was months ago removed as prime minister of Pakistan did preside over the rapid accumulation of debt this is why he was removed

[I no longer think this will happen] the Russians are likely using military force to get back control of Ukraine so they can prepare a military incursion into Turkey then go further south to Arabia

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

I have keen interest in interviewing the Taliban leaders but of course they do not speak fluent English so perhaps I will focus on their spokesman Mr Suhail Shaheen

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

It is shocking I know but it is likely that the war in Ukraine will escalate and there will be monstrous destruction of much of Ukraine and nothing can really be done to avoid this

What Will the World Look Like in 20 Years?

Jun 20, 2022

Attempting to predict what will happen in the future is silly and maybe even stupid but I have shown that it can be done -- if you have enough knowledge and information. In fact, you must have theory, really powerful theory, which is what I apparently have. So now I will offer my thoughts about the future and I will offer as much detail as possible.

It was in 1978 or so that I was talking to a close friend at our home in Saratoga, CA. We were having a serious discussion. He was asking me what I think he should invest in, these kinds of questions. I have some vague memories of the conversation. He noted that I was taking a very unorthodox view of things, and so I tried to explain my perspective. I told him that the United States was a fairly large net debtor before WWI. The USA was growing, and quite rapidly and powerfully, and this meant that the US government and private business were taking on a lot of debt. Maybe not an excessive amount but it was large. I apologize I do not have the numbers for you. At the conclusion of WWI the United States emerged a net creditor. I do not know how large a net creditor we were but it was sizable. The Europeans were killing each other in war and we financed it.

It was not much later, say about 20 years, that the Europeans decided they would have to go to war again. This time it was on a larger scale, much larger. This was WWII. The same bizarre experience – we financed their war. We therefore emerged in 1945, at the conclusion of the war, once again as a net creditor but on a scale that was so large it might be called gargantuan. The United States was the banker to the world and this world was pretty much in rubble and even totally destroyed. The dollar, the American currency, was established as the “reserve currency” and everyone around the world looked to the United States for leadership and wisdom and of course for hard cash.

So I explained to my friend in 1978 or so that it was projected that the United States would revert to net debtor status in 1985. So it took only 40 years to blow through a gargantuan wad of cash. I told him that if this movement from net creditor to net debtor happened at such a rapid pace then in another 40 years or so we would be pretty much depleted. The United States of America, in the Western Hemisphere, would collapse and not be able to pay its bills. We would default. My friend did not really get too enthused about my argument, he was rather skeptical.

Well, here we are, 40 years later, from 1985. Almost 40 years. I have been proven correct. That's pretty darn good performance at the prediction business. The US government now spends about 15-16% of its hard cash revenue on debt service. That's with interest rates about as low as they can be without going negative. So the end is coming quite rapidly. By 2025 [at 40 years] it may be pretty apparent the United States is in deep trouble. Mr Vladimir Putin knows I am right. I have published below an image of the debt service cost as a ratio of hard cash revenue. This comes from Wikipedia "National Debt of the United States" in particular the portion of the text which addresses "Interest and Debt Service Costs."

So what will the world look like in 2040 or so?

The United States will have totally collapsed into a mestizo-dominated nightmare, resembling Mexico and even Central America. There may not even be much oil production. Much of it will be shut down. Civil strife will be 24/7 and I do not even expect there to be much government. Very likely the USA will break up into parts, maybe 4-5 different parts. No more union, no more dollar. The USA will have defaulted on its burgeoning debt, interest rates will be sky high, there will be no NATO and hardly any industrial capacity left. Mexican and Central American gangs and drug cartels will basically rule over the former United States. 

Europe will once again rise to dominate the world – with mastery over the information world, the knowledge world. Asia will be prosperous, and China and Russia will not be leaders but they will be seen as competent and even impressive. Israel will have been destroyed and much of the world will be in turmoil, in chaos. Europe will be effectively allied with Russia, and both European and Russian governments will be very "nationalist" and it will be common to see extreme right political and economic policies both in Europe and Russia. Arabs and Africans in France and all over Europe will have been mostly deported, millions of them.   

The Jew World will be finished, totally depleted – and yes destroyed. Bullshit and fraud, this will be seen to have dominated the past 100 years or so. The 1945-2022 period of build out was pretty good but it degenerated into a really freaky situation, very unstable and almost intolerable. I have published below an article from There is a comment below the article, the first comment which is an excellent summary of the United States of America at this moment in time. It's horrifying, and I think Mr Vladimir Putin agrees with me. Also the Han Chinese.

The third image below depicts the cost of metizos and negroes. They are a serious financial liability not an asset. This is a rough estimate but it is likely to be pretty accurate.