July 2016

The corruption in Sonoma County is mind-boggling.... We were faced with an interesting situation, where we live here.... I will update you soon about the details, but I can tell you this for sure, the Superior Court of Sonoma County here in California is totally and completely corrupt....and the Bodega Harbour Homeowner's Association is also corrupt, the County Sheriff is corrupt, and in fact you would just not believe what I will tell you in the coming days, I will provide the details here...


I cannot know of course, as I cannot know the truth. Well, can I? Can we know the truth? This question is impossible to answer, but it is possible to work hard at discovering the truth, and of course the only way to know if you got the truth is to live 500 years and then you will see whether you got things right or not. Obviously this is not possible -- not yet.

OK I will answer the question: yes, I do think it is likely, highly likely, that the sciences I have developed are largely accurate and correct. They are powerful. This is my impression so far. The presence of WAM on the net is very very powerful, it is so powerful it is mind-boggling. I no longer put too many of my ideas and science out there for "public consumption" or plagiarism. Yes, this stuff is plagiarized all the time, by everyone. The influence of these ideas of mine is staggering. I had simply -- when I was young -- sought to get at the truth. I had sought nothing else, really.... continue

What is never examined and discussed in news publications of the affluent West? What subjects are never broached?

The answer is uncomfortable, as most people recognize. The western media distort the realities of the world, the intricacies of world affairs, and present an image of events which is palatable and acceptable, and which conforms to their image of the world.Their beliefs and perspectives must be defended, and it is precisely this act of self-defense, which is no doubt an agonizing and desperate one, that undermines education and creates distortion....continue

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