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I am now using @_brainscience at putting most of my spontaneous commentary there but I will begin using these scrolling texts more and more

In the past several months it is becoming increasingly obvious that I am running the entire world I have put an end to the Ashkenazi Jewish Ukraine War

On May 10 WAM in the 24 hr period had 102 countries visiting the web site according to Google Analytics so the information war is now very intense

I have been working on persuading the ambassador of the European Union to the United States to do an interview we will see if I do talk to him

The Czech ambassador Miloslav Stašek in Washington apparently has agreed to talk to me so there will soon be another interview with the Czech govt published here

WAM media:

WAM media started with 1 web site but 20 years later I have broadened its power to include 4 more web sites

WAM media [World Affairs Monthly] got started in 2002 and in Jan 2003 I presented audio and video files years before the incompetent Ashkenazi media in the United States

It is always difficult to say what is going on in the world but this is my job and this is something we all must consider and understand and analyze

Vladimir Putin and his advisors shrewdly calculated Russia's income from its vast reserves of crude oil & other valuable natural resources would be the critical support for military incursions

The destruction of Ukraine appears to be taking place now at a pretty steady pace and I expect the Russian military incursion to be pretty much indefinite

There is the question of escalation in Ukraine as the Russians will likely not tolerate much intervention there or efforts to stop them from reacquiring Ukraine

It appears the Pakistani state is going to find it difficult if not impossible to service its external debt I will have to look into this and get the facts but this appears to be the case

Imran Khan the Pakistani cricket player who was months ago removed as prime minister of Pakistan did preside over the rapid accumulation of debt this is why he was removed

[I no longer think this will happen] the Russians are likely using military force to get back control of Ukraine so they can prepare a military incursion into Turkey then go further south to Arabia

1945-2022 you could argue that the Pale of Settlement having moved to the Western Hemisphere has had ample resources to fully build out but now this is ending, the build out

I have keen interest in interviewing the Taliban leaders but of course they do not speak fluent English so perhaps I will focus on their spokesman Mr Suhail Shaheen

I know it is difficult for most to admit but the fundamental problem as I have been saying for a long time is that the USA is run by criminals

Discussing reality is very dangerous & the Ashkenazi Jews who control the United States do everything they can to suppress free speech but now WAM is leading the information war this is very exciting

It is shocking I know but it is likely that the war in Ukraine will escalate and there will be monstrous destruction of much of Ukraine and nothing can really be done to avoid this

The Four Principal Sources of Conflict in Ukraine

Jun 04, 2022

I confess that I really never paid too much attention to what was going on in Ukraine. It was obvious to me however that there were some extreme policies being promoted there -- by the United States -- but I was not fully appreciating the seriousness of "Ukraine independence" until recently. When the Russian troop build up got under way in November 2021 I did finally wake up to the intensity of what was going on. It is interesting to note that I did an interview with Mr Khalid Mahmood [he has served unofficially as one of my research assistants since 2003 or so] on August 16, 2021. The topic of discussion was Afghanistan, the retreat of Americans from Afghanistan and the effective capitulation to the Taliban. I will soon publish this interview here, in two parts but you can now find it at Mahmood's You Tube channel which is called Restoring the Mind. The title: "Regime Change In Afghanistan And Its Regional Geopolitical Implications Part 1" and "Regime Change In Afghanistan And Its Regional Geopolitical Implications Part 2".

[Mahmood has deleted all the interviews he did of me, at his You Tube station. So you will no longer find these two interviews there....but I anticipated this and I have published them myself at World Affairs Monthly: "Mr Khalid Mahmood [] interviews Thomas Pochari [Part 1] Aug 16, 2021" also "Mr Khalid Mahmood [] interviews Thomas Pochari [Part 2] Aug 16, 2021".

Why did Mahmood delete these? Good question. I will at some point be writing an article about Mahmood, he served effectively as one of my research assistants for more than ten years. The answer is basically that he is a criminal, and had ultimately very negative motives and intentions. He is also pretty crazy, unfortunately. I will explain however in the article, which will be very brief.]   

Why do I mention this interview? It seems possible if not likely that Mr Vladimir Putin heard about this interview, listened to it or had one of his aides listen to it, and report to him. Some 3 months later the Russians started putting their large and fearsome war machine on their border with Ukraine. I had argued in the interview that there were going to be serious implications of the retreat of the American Ashkenazi war machine in Afghanistan. Those implications? Serious unrest in Central Asia, even in Russia. I stated that Putin was not a "development dictator" and that he was merely a dictator -- interested in accumulating vast wealth for himself and his inner circle of friends and allies and aides. I have an intuition that this argument [made by me to Mahmood] outraged and shocked Putin but he must have realized I was right. So he acted. He is now a "development dictator" and the Ukraine military incursion inaugurates this change in policy in Moscow. By the way, I had written Mr Putin a letter in 2016, I believe it was late 2016.

So the four sources of conflict in Ukraine? It is a complex and dangerous conflict, and it can be easily argued that NATO's expansion, relentless expansion eastward, is the core reason the Russians and Mr Putin are so agitated and disturbed. Certainly this is the case. I will argue however that there are precisely 4 sources of this conflict. 

1) Reverse Zionism. Ashkenazi Jews in the United States and Israel -- and of course they totally dominate the American government and make virtually all policy -- have begun to realize that Zionism is a profound mistake, that Israel is very likely to be dismantled or even defeated in conflict and war. They do not admit this publicly of course but it is a reality, for them a rather frightening reality. They want the Jews in Israel to be able to go back home -- to the Pale of Settlement. This means Ukraine, perhaps even Poland. So it is possible Poland will also be in upheaval and even invaded and destroyed. Getting control of Ukraine was thus very important if not critical. 

2) Get access to the very large reserves of Russian crude oil and Russia's equally large reseves of mineral resources/natural resources. This means toppling Mr Putin's government and establishing an Ashkenazi-controlled government in Moscow. This means expanding NATO eastward, all the way to the border of Russia. This means controlling Ukraine and using Ukraine as a platform for undermining and weakening the Russian government dominated by Mr Vladimir Putin. Isn't this what was going on? It is this I was not paying too much attention to -- although I knew it was happening. The United States has a very serious and even grave energy predicament. There is an unambiguous peaking of crude oil production. This happened in the early 1970s and resulted in the United States being compelled to import more and more of its crude oil, up to 65% by 2004 or so. Indeed the large current account deficit of the United States was principally a result of these large and growing crude oil imports. Now there is the prospect of a peak in the production of tight oil -- the fracking business. The EROI [energy return on investment] of tight oil is very small and yet the United States is now apparently getting some 50% of its oil from these costly fracking operations. The situation is dire. So we can appreciate just how desperate the Ashkenazi Jews in Washington and New York City are -- they are insanely desperate. Yet anyone can see that Russia is not Iraq. Saddam Hussein's government was toppled for oil, mostly oil. The Ashkenazi Jews ordered the invasion of Iraq for the oil but also to protect the Jews in Israel. 

3) After toppling Mr Putin's government in Moscow and getting control of Russian natural resources notably the vast reserves of crude oil, work to topple the Chinese government and get control of the more than 1 billion hard-working Chinese. The Han Chinese "factory of the entire world". Halford Mackinder's thesis cannot be ignored, and it is not ignored. Ashkenazi Jews really do want to rule the entire world and it outrages them that they have so far failed to topple the Chinese government and install their own government in Beijing. So the Ukraine conflict is not really about Ukraine -- it is about the Ashkenazi domination of the world, of Eurasia. Halford Mackinder. 

4) Displace and indeed replace the native European populations of European nation states with Arabs and Africans and this would of course include the Slavic people of Eastern Europe and Russia thus destroying the principal enemy of the Jews. The plan was to replace the Slavic people of Ukraine with Africans and even Arabs and Dravidians -- or anyone around the world just so they are not European. The replacement of Europeans with Arabs and Africans is now very much under way and I have published below an image which offers the latest data on that operation -- it is called "the Great Replacement" in France. It is apparently an expression which all French people now use. France knows it is happening. Ashkenazi Jews in the United States and Israel want to destroy Europe and Russia -- the highly competent and impressive European genome. They even want to destroy the United States and replace its European population with mestizos from Mexico and Central America. This is now happening, in California almost 50% of the population is mestizo. California is rapidly growing to resemble a Third World country -- with Third World conditions.

This article is longer than I wanted it to be, so I will end it here. I have nothing more to say really. Only that this conflict is very serious, it could be argued that it is much more serious than any conflict in the history of the world. It is possible to argue that, yes really. Will it escalate? I am going to argue here that it likely will. Will it escalate to the point where it will be called World War III? I do think it is quite possible. I will follow up with another article on this topic, maybe calling it Part 2.